The CRS Draw or the Express Entry rounds of Invitation happens approximately every two weeks. Through CRS Draw number 136, IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) invited 3500 top-ranked candidates to file for Permanent Residence.

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The CRS Cut-Off (or the 3500th ranked candidate’s score) in CRS draw number 136 was 472 a difference of 1 point from the previous draw.

CRS Draw number 136 was open for candidates from all three economic programs i.e. Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker Class, and Federal Skilled Trades Program

As per the minister’s instructions, if multiple candidates have a score of 472, only those candidates who submitted their Express Entry profile January 30, 2020, at 07:36:26 UTC will receive the invitation to apply.

To know more about how the Express Entry system helps individuals and IRCC in accepting, managing and processing applications click here.

Express Entry stream does not require candidates to have a job offer or any connection to Canada (example education or employment) though these can get you some additional points.

(Statistically) 85% of the cases applied through the Express Entry System get processed within 6 months hence the name.

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