Express Entry Draw Number 152

CRS Cut Off: 437

Number of Invitations: 3559

The Express Entry Draw or the Express Entry rounds of Invitation happens approximately every two weeks. Through the Express Entry Draw number 152, IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) invited 3559 top-ranked candidates to file for Canada PR under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). This also provides us with the latest CRS Cut off which can be used by candidates can to determine their chances of getting an Invitation to Apply or ITA as it is popularly known.

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The latest CRS Cut Off (or the 3515 th ranked candidate’s score) in the latest Express Entry draw is 440 a decrease of 7 points from the previous CEC draw.

Express Entry Draw Number 152 open for Canadian Experience Class only

CRS Draw number 152 is open for candidates only from the Canadian Experience Class. To qualify for the Canadian Experience Class, a candidate should have worked in Canada for at least 1 year in Skill Level 0, A or B within the last 3 years before the application is submitted.

This draw is not open to the Federal Skilled Worker Class, or the Federal Skilled Trades Class.

Tie-breaking rule of Express Entry Draw Number 152

As per the minister’s instructions, if multiple candidates have a score of 437 in the express entry draw number 152, only those candidates who submitted their Express Entry profile before May 25, 2020 at 00:31:43 UTC will receive the invitation to apply.

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Express Entry stream does not require candidates to have a job offer or any connection to Canada (example education or employment) though these can get you some additional points.

(Statistically) 85% of the cases applied through the Express Entry System get processed within 6 months hence the name.

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CRS score distribution of candidates in the Express Entry pool as of June 8, 2020

CRS score range Number of candidates
601-1200 288
501-600 561
451-500 20,954
491-500 411
481-490 1,355
471-480 3,803
461-470 7,250
451-460 8,135
401-450 41,846
441-450 7,953
431-440 10,445
421-430 7,188
411-420 7,628
401-410 8,632
351-400 50,090
301-350 26,481
0-300 3,347
Total 143,567


Q. A lot of companies are calling the Express Entry Draw # 152 as the lowest CRS Score this year,  Is it true? Does this improve the situation for even candidates with lower CRS Scores?

A. If you have understood the Express Entry system well, you might be well aware that it supports 3 programs

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program: Where people with skilled work experience from outside Canada qualify
  • Canadian Experience Class: Where you necessarily at least 1 year of skilled work experience within Canada
  • Federal Skilled Trades: Where specific Trade occupations are targetted.

Express Entry Draw # 152 and the last 6-odd draws have supported the Canadian Experience Class only which means unless you have work experience from within Canada, you won’t be getting an Invitation to Apply.

Q. Could we predict where this would go?

A. Certainly NO, nobody can predict what the draws might look like in the future because they depend on market forces like the number of candidates getting added to the pool vs the number of them getting an Invitation to Apply.

Mathematically though we can hope the CRS Cut Off to drop a few points when the all program invites open. How much they would drop, nobody would be able to tell.