Frequently Asked Questions.

What are different pathways to Immigrate/Move to Canada?

As an applicant, you have pathways even from outside Canada, but there is a definite advantage if you are in Canada

For people outside Canada following may be some of the options you could explore

  1. Express Entry Canada
  2. Provincial Nomination Programs
  3. Atlantic Immigration  Program (Job Offer Required)
  4. Rural and Northern Immigration Program (Job Offer Required)
  5. Entering Canada as a student
  6. Intracompany Transfers
  7. Finding employment in Canada (Job Offer Required)
Do we need a job offer to Immigrate to Canada?

Not necessarily, some pathways like the AIPP, RNIP and a few non-Express Entry aligned PNPs DO require a job offer.

Canada Express Entry does not require a job offer but you need to have solid credentials otherwise to qualify and get an invitation to apply for Permanent Residence. Some Express Entry aligned PNPs also do not require a job offer.

Is healthcare free in Canada?

Yes, if you are a Canadian Citizen or a Canadian PR i.e. a permanent resident of Canada, you may apply for public health insurance.

In some provinces, there is a waiting time to enroll for public health insurance upto three months.

What is Canada Child Benefit?

Canada Child Benefit (CCB) is a benefit administered by the Canada Revenue Agency. It is a cost-free monthly payment made to families with a child(ren) less than 18 years of age.

You can learn more about Canada Child Benefit by clicking here

Is education really free for children (of Immigrants) in Canada?

Public elementary through secondary school is free in Canada. This is where most immigrants send their children. These offer quality education and opportunities to learn and grow.
University education is far more expensive, especially if you are looking at taking up a program in top schools like UBC, UToronto, or Queen’s University. The quality of education and the fees for specific top-notch programs will be equivalent to top universities worldwide.

How difficult or easy is to get a Student Visa?

While there is no direct answer to this question. There are some basic parameters that the officer basis his judgment on are:

  1. Student’s past academic background
  2. Student’s program choice
  3. Will this program add value to the student’s life
  4. Does the student (or his/her family) have enough funds to support the education
  5. Student’s family and financial connections back home.
How different is a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant?

Registered immigration professionals (known as RCICs) are generally different in the following ways:

  1. They undergo an Immigration Law program
  2. There is a licensing exam to test their knowledge and capabilities
  3. they are governed and watched by a regulatory body
  4. They have a license number and can represent you with IRCC
  5. they are answerable to the regulatory body in case of a wrongdoing
Are we the Best Canadian Immigration Consultant in Mumbai?

The definition of being the best or one of the best consultant(s) differs significantly and is based on what the clients look for.

Being the best truly means being honest to the client whenever someone approaches us and controlling the controllable once they join hands with us.

We are the best at

– Being honest in our assessment

– Being friendly and easy to work with

– Looking at your papers intently and determining that they meet the requirements of IRCC.

– and backing off when we don’t know something

Best Canadian Immigration Consultants in Mumbai